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Hormone Imbalance

Conditions that can develop from hormonal imbalance, and will respond favourably to Naturone Progesterone Therapy

History of the Discovery of Natural Progesterone

William Allen and George Corner first isolated progesterone in 1934 and proposed the name because of its "progestational" activity in the pregnant female. This was an unfortunate choice of name as it has now come to be regarded as a female sex hormone, and it's many other roles having been largely forgotten.

In the medical field, Progesterone was used,with great success, primarily for women who continually had miscarriages. It had to be extracted from the placentas of women who had just given birth and was a very expensive product.  

It was not until 1943 that Russell E. Marker first synthesised the Natural Progesterone molecule from the sapogenin and disogenin extracted from plants.  He should have called this molecule the “REAL” progesterone, as it is the identical molecule produced in our bodies. Once it was found that progesterone could be made in bulk, biochemists began converting it into all the other hormones we use today, including : cortisone, testosterone, estrogen and the synthetic progestogens (which are also known as progestins). With the birth of all these syntheic drugs, natural or real progesterone was forgotten.

Thanks to outstanding doctors such as Dr John Lee, Dr Katerina Dalton and Dr Shirley Bond and others, Natural Progesterone Therapy has been re-discovered, and their outstanding work has bought this knowledge to us today and shown us how we can easily and effectively address many of our own dis-ease (the lack of harmony within our body).

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  1. Side effects of natural progesterone
  2. What is progesterone?
  3. Why do we need to supplement our progesterone?
  4. Why not just use the progestin Provera as prescribed by some doctors?
  5. What is estrogen dominance?
  6. Does a pre-menopausal woman need progesterone cream?
  7. What is progesterone made from?
  8. Is progesterone cream safe?
  9. Wouldn't it be easier to just take a progesterone pill?
  10. Why NATURONE?

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