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Hormone Imbalance

Conditions that can develop from hormonal imbalance, and will respond favourably to Naturone Progesterone Therapy

Cancer Connection - Nutrition

Why is nutrition important to maintaining a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM ?

Where there is not an adequate source of nutrition in a growing person’s diet that person will be smaller and less well developed and unhealthy. So is it for all our cells.

Our cells replace themselves continuously, some, like the spine and long bones take much longer than others, and some are replaced hourly and daily. We need a good supply of all the vitamins and minerals to ensure that healthy cells are being made by our bodies.

Generations before us were lucky in that they had nutritionally rich virgin soils from which to reap organically grown and vitamin and mineral enriched foods. There was not the refrigeration to keep these foods for long periods of time and so these foods had to be consumed soon after reaping. They were also fortunate to be without the variety of sugary sweets and drinks that abound on our shelves, in our homes and in our vehicles. Furthermore, they had no fast food options to provide fast, easy and convenient ways of quelling our hunger pangs without giving us so much as a mere smidgeon of healthy food.

Today, we would not need to supplement our nutrition if we ate adequate amounts of fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables for all our meals and avoided the sweet and unhealthy substitutes strictly. Apart from being difficult to obtain as well as expensive, it is also inconvenient and unfashionable.In other words, you really have to go against the grain to be healthy.

So… we have nutritional supplements to improve the situation, and allow our health to be maintained, with the convenience of popping a few multicoloured pills.

Of course it is important to choose the right ones to pop, and you should consult your health shop or nutritional advisor on what your particular requirements are, and ensure that you choose wholefood supplements (made from real foods) and not vitamins made from chemicals as is often found in pharmacies and supermarkets. You will need to discus with them how much you are getting from good food choices that you make in your diet as well.

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